Fiona Darmon
General Partner,

I have had the pleasure of following and reading the articles of CTech by Calcalist since its inception several years back. CTech by Calcalist is by far one of the most professional business outlets in the world today. The quality of the articles, depth of the pieces, terminology and professionalism of the coverage draws me back to this outlet time and time again, as one of my main sources of news, developments, updates, and exclusive pieces. CTech's deep understanding of the Israeli tech industry facilitates its coverage of start-ups, key investments, and venture capital fundraising, focusing on all the movers and shakers who comprise the ecosystem as we know it.

CTech is highly unique in the Israeli tech ecosystem as it is part of Calcalist's holistic network of publications and outlets not only covering developments, but also being part of their creation, be it also through their leading Hebrew publication, Calcalist, or through its leading network of local and international conferences.

Through the latter, CTech and Calcalist, are in the forefront of news creation, by not only bringing to center stage the hottest topics in business, technology, government and media, but also by creating an active dialog on the leading stages in Israel, New York, London, Berlin and Paris.  When it comes to the news coverage of the key international trends, alongside the role the Israeli tech and business ecosystsems plays in the global village, CTech by Calcalist is my partner of choice. Thank you for being the professional pioneers that you are.

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