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NY 2019

Pitango Presents:

The Crossroad of Data, Machines and Humans

Pitango  is holding a startup competition with a $1 million investment prize.

Fifteen early-stage tech startups will be selected to fly to New York City in April for a pitch session that will take place during Calcalist's Mind the Tech conference. In addition, Pitango will take the 15 semifinalists for a round of meetings with strategic players and industry leaders. The winning startup will be announced in June in a special event.

* Pitango will assist in airfare for startups with less than $1M funding.

about Trifecta

Every wave of technological revolution turns what was once perceived pure magic into daily reality. We live in an era of augmented humanity: man-made technology is being infused with sentiments, interfaces are becoming more personal and machines are becoming more… human. Adieu to the days of one-size-fits-all, hello intelligent-everything. And welcome new challenges.

These are what we believe are the most pressing challenges in deep tech and we are on a mission to partner with seed and early stage startups who have solutions for them. Will it be your startup?

CHALLENGES we want to Solve

  • Leveraging machine intelligence and AI for creating new businesses
  • New and innovative models to create, capture and analyze data in massive scale and/or from new sources
  • Enabling collaborative human-machine intelligence (AIHI)
  • Improving productivity, efficiency, and disrupting business operations
  • Disrupting existing large markets with the use of new data and technological approaches
  • Robotics that change the unit economics and efficiency of businesses and enabling the introduction of new business models
  • Empowering Ops teams to execute new levels of innovation
  • Creative automation for the new enterprise tech


If you have an innovative approach to any of these challenges - we want to hear from you.

Application is open for:

  • Any team with a strong conviction to startups with a ready-to-launch product
  • Pre-funded startups to startups approaching their A-round


March 13th

Deadline for Startups to Submit their application

March 21st

Semi-Finalists Announced

Up to 15 companies will be invited to present their product and technology at the Pitango Trifecta session as part of the Mind the Tech New York 2019 Conference in April

April 12th

Semi Finals

Will be held at the Mind the Tech NY Conference

June 2019

Winner Announcement

The announcement of the winner will take place at a special event including pitches by the finalists

Participation in the competition requires purchasing a ticket to the Calcalist Mind the Tech 2019 Conference

Buy a Ticket & Apply to the competition


* The full terms & conditions can be found at Calcalist offices

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

~ Arthur C. Clarke

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